SPIRITS in Transition – Online Classes FAQ

How do the SPIRITS in Transition online classes compare to the weekend seminar?

First of all, please understand that both parts, 1 and 2 need to be completed to cover information similar to what is presented within a live weekend seminar. To compare, let’s look in a few different ways, namely at differences regarding educational content, pacing of learning experience and availability of personal interaction as well as cost:


A good percentage of the information given in the two events does overlap, however the online classes contain some exercises we do not have the time for during the weekend.

The weekend seminar on the other hand contains a 1 hr movie showing the last 48 hours in the life of Cassie, a 16 yr old Chocolate Labrador lady who shared with us how a peaceful dying process can look like. The movie is a true highlight for our seminar participants, but will not be shown outside of a live group setting. If you want to take the online classes and also see the movie, we recommend you also attend a weekend seminar. For those who completed their online class participation, we offer attendance of a weekend seminar at special rates:

In combination the weekend seminar serves as wonderful refresher and you can connect with likeminded people which is very nourishing for the spirit in addition to all other benefits listed for the weekend seminar.


Within the timelines outlined above, the online classes can be taken in your very own pace, even within a single session, allowing for integration time and easier fit into busy schedules, especially if you are unable to travel.

The weekend seminar is truly an Intensive, which allows you to receive a maximum amount of information in a minimum amount of time. This can be particularly valuable if you feel time might be running out for one of your animal loved ones even though it is not yet receiving hospice care.

Personal Interaction:

Arising questions are discussed generally almost throughout the entire weekend during SPIRITS in Transition seminars, while for the online classes the time is limited to each # 10 webinar session. You can gather any questions arising throughout the previous nine sessions on a separate piece of paper, and might find some of them you will be able to answer yourself after completing sessions. Any remaining questions you can bring to the webinar.

Weekend seminars present a very special opportunity to connect with likeminded individuals in person. On Saturday evening of the seminar we gather in a circle to share about experiences we had with a dying animal or a human loved one, or also after their passing. This part of the seminar is always filled with amazing and deeply inspiring stories that truly enrich the listeners, often holding revelations of those who are sharing.

At the live event participants can sign themselves onto a list to reveal their contact information to their pals that can be used by the signers to get in touch with another to receive input for an active animal hospice situation. While we aim to create such a contact list also for participants who complete the first two-part online classes, it is wonderful to have met the people we might decide to contact in person. If you attended a seminar where you live, you then would likely have contacts to people in your local community. This is allows for establishing practical local support if desired – and anyone providing hospice care knows one can use all the help we can get from those who truly understand our endeavor.


The financial expenses for taking the online classes Part 1 and 2 (which in combination are similar to taking the weekend seminar) are generally lower for those who cannot attend a weekend seminar without having to travel and pay for hotel reservations.

Attending a seminar in your local area if available will be lower in cost.

Hosting a weekend seminar allows the host to attend it for free. You might consider hosting a seminar if:

If you are interested in hosting, please contact us. with information addressing the points listed above and to receive a detailed outline on what all is involved in hosting.

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