SPIRITS in Transition – Online Class Details – First Level

Completion of the online Part 1 and 2 in combination cover material similar, but not identical to what is contained in the live weekend seminar. To see how participation in online classes compares to attending a weekend seminar, click here.

For now it is possible for anyone to take any sessions of Part 2 separately.

Once all Part 2 sessions are released, successful completion of Part 1 will be prerequisite to registration for Part 2.

For details on the class format, click here.

Part 1 can be started at any time, access time for the 10 sessions is 3 months, extension is available for a fee. Release of part 2 sessions started March 2015, access time to a single session is 1 month.

Part ONE – "Approaching Animal Hospice: Geriatric and Special Needs Care for Animals"

Current veterinary care has advanced to amazing levels, yet at the same time animal owners might end up facing two opposing challenges:

Fortunately support options have greatly increased to address the needs of our senior animals as well as younger ones who might end up early on requiring special care. For you to be familiar with those options can be life saving for your animal friend. At this point in time, most pets belonging to caring owners are euthanized before the time for hospice would even arise, months and years before their life force would run out. This can be hard to imagine for many of us as we love our animals so deeply, and it certainly is in stark contrast to how we care for our human family members.

Whatever the situation might be, oftentimes a decision to euthanize is said to be done to prevent or release an animal from suffering. None of us wants an animal to suffer, yet given the rate in which we choose to end their lives in our society, it is time to take a closer look at what we categorize as suffering, and what the most common reasons are to euthanize, including looking at options of how we could support an animal so it instead can continue to live a happy and content life.

Topics we cover in Part 1 of SPIRITS in Transition – Online are:

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Part TWO – "Foundations of Animal Hospice Care"

Topics we will cover in Part 2 of SPIRITS in Transition – Online (release started March 2015) are:

Advanced Level classes

The first of our advanced level classes is the weekend workshop "Gems of Comfort Care". It was created for those who either completed the weekend seminar "Spirits in Transition" or Part 1 of our online classes. Sharing of case histories and interactive demonstrations of specific care aspects in small group settings make it a very unique educational offer. This workshop has been presented first in Seattle in 2013 and will be made available again in the future. For anyone engaging in animal hospice, i.e.