SPIRITS in Transition – Online Class Format Details

To allow for extra space for additional information than is possible to cover in the live seminar, the contents of the weekend seminar have been divided into Part 1 and 2 of the basic online classes, a total of 20 sessions. Completing both parts compares to participating in a live weekend seminar, with some added detail.

Part 1 of the online classes is available in two price categories, "For Credit" and "For Audit". The Part 2 sessions can at this time be taken one by one in any order, and will only be available in their "For Audit" version until all 10 sessions of Part 2 have been released.

Class Format:

In their "For Credit" version Sessions 1 through 9 of Part 1 are interactive online presentations that include questionnaires, polls, written or other exercises and also home work assignments. Some of the information is made available as downloadable handouts, supplementing notes are taken by each participant.

The sessions can be accessed by you through your computer in consecutive order at your convenience. Each session includes between 60 to 120 minutes for a Total of 14 Hours Presentation Time .

Session number 10 of Part 1 is held in form of a live webinar, allowing for direct answers to questions and participant sharing. After completing sessions 1-9, every student receives either an invitation to a live webinar and/or receives temporary access to a webinar recording. Either way, every student who is taking the class as "For Credit" version can also email any remaining questions after completing the class for Ella to answer, and will receive a certificate of completion.

Part 1 is also available as a "For Audit" version, the sessions of Part 2 can be purchased one by one and in any order during the release period of its 10 sessions, and are solely available in the "For Audit" version during that time.

"For Audit" allows you to instantly view the class after payment and receive the handouts with no required written homework. The instructor will not provide any assistance nor give you individualized attention or feedback. You will not receive a certificate or credit toward any certification.

Note to veterinarians and veterinary technicians: Only the "For Credit" version of our Part 1 online class has been awarded CEU’s by the CAHVMA. See our Event/Registration page for details.

Access time is 3 months for Part 1 in any version, extension available for purchase. Access time for single sessions of Part 2 is 1 month.

Please note:

Please be aware that our free helpline does not provide veterinary medical advice. In addition, Ella cannot give an opinion or offer suggestions regarding the situation of an animal that has not been referred and presented to her.

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