SPIRITS in Transition

All we animal lovers ever want is to do the best for our animal. When it comes to dying, what is best can be more complex than euthanizing. There is a way to come to peace with the dying process and discover its life enriching value. Animals can teach us about this if we let them.Ella Bittel, Holistic Veterinarian

Please note that during the release period of Part 2 of the online classes in 2016 there will not be any live seminars available. However, the topics listed below for our live seminar are also covered in our online classes, so feel free to read on.

Willie, a cat relaxing with its toy

Many of us think of our animal companions as family members. The event of an animal dying can be as similarly challenging as losing a human loved one. Hospice in the human field has grown to provide a much needed service to the dying and the ones who care for them. To find such support when it's a beloved animal that is close to the end of its' life can be difficult. Not every veterinarian offers hospice care and house visits, and can be reached at all those times that burning questions arise for the caretaker. While we strive to lend an open ear and practical advice with our e-mail and phone help line, this can not possibly replace preparing ourselves internally and externally for this very special time our animals life.

To have euthanasia available to shorten an animal's life can be of great benefit. Yet many animals have a remarkable will to live out their lives even if they may experience physical discomfort. This can easily be overlooked when our sole focus is on not wanting the animal to suffer. Being unfamiliar with the natural dying process leaves people feeling helpless, and final decisions are made from a state of fear.

The seminar SPIRITS in Transition is designed to give tools to people who consider providing end-of-life care for their animal companion. As no one really knows when the need for that may arrive, it is never too early to learn about the special needs of dying animals and what is important in animal hospice. Click here for testimonials of participants who have taken this seminar, which is created and presented by Holistic Veterinarian Ella Bittel.

For upcoming Seminar Dates and Locations click here. Please note that during the release period of Part 2 of the online classes there will not be any live seminars available. However, the topics listed below for our live seminar are also covered in our online classes.

Samples of topics covered in the seminar SPIRITS in Transition:

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CEU's for veterinarians and veterinary technicians:

The California Holistic Veterinary Medical Association co-sponsors our events. CEU's for weekend seminar: 13.5 hrs (Part 1 Online Class: 15 hrs). For acceptability in a different state please check with your state board or VMA (and report back to us :-).


Laura Green, OR (Laura volunteered as support coordinator)

statue of Saint Francis of Assisi holding a dove in his arms

I am so very happy to have taken part in Ella's presentation of 'SPIRITS in Transition' because it is spoken in my favorite languages – animal compassion. I have great faith that our work here is huge in the global sense. In truth we are all kindred spirits and as we do for our fuzzy buddies, we do for ourselves. There is tremendous opportunity here to expand our species consciousness, to include this most encompassing oneness. There is no greater power than that of love and compassion. I applaud this teaching of animal hospice, as a valuable and timely message for our society. We participants have some deep and powerful tools to better all lives.

As Saint Francis of Assisi so eloquently said,

Spirit, make me an instrument of thy peace.
Where there is doubt, let me sow faith;
Where there is despair, hope;
Where there is darkness, light;
Where there is sadness, joy–

For it is in dying, that we are born to eternal life.

Paula Sendar, OR

My kitty was so close to dying on her own, had I understood more, I would have allowed it to be natural. Thank you so much. This seminar has helped me understand and process the dying process for people and animals better and has it made less frightening.

Amaroq Weiss, OR (hosted the seminar, and right away signed up to do it again)

I can't tell you both how deeply I feel about the beauty and value of the concepts about death and dying you are teaching. The whole three days the overwhelming energy in the room was positively lapping up every particle of information we were receiving and integrating it into ourselves. I look forward to continued friendship and connection with you.

Cindy Hickman, LMP, SAMP, aquadogspa.com, WA

Thank you so much for the seminar. It was so fantastic and just what I needed.

I already know that the information you presented has helped me. I saw a new client who's dog has degenerative myelopathy. The dog's hind end is very weak, but this dog was totally happy and not bothered by the weakness at all. It became so easy for me to talk to the owner about the dog not being ready to transition and I am sure the owner felt great relief hearing that. The owner also felt that way, but didn't trust their own feelings. So we had a nice chat about that! Thank you again.

David Maxwell, OR

Thank you again for the wonderful experience. I benefited greatly from your wisdom and soul-sharing. Your mission is an important one, and I will always benefit from your wisdom and loving hearts.